sculpture garden / Biennale: opening of the first edition on June 8

June 9 to September 16 2018

curated by Lionel Bovier (dir. Mamco)


This summer, the bienniale will have its first edition in the majestic Parc des Eaux-Vives. It succeeds the artgenève initiative to present sculptures in public spaces, on the Quai Wilson during the fair and in the same park in the summer of 2016. The biennial is a second event, located in the city of Geneva, to be added to the international calendar of contemporary art events, also offering an opportunity for the public to view the works during the summer period. The exhibition is conceived as a ‘parcours’, an invitation to a journey along the park’s paths to discover contemporary art productions. These will have been arranged either in dialogue with the landscape or to the contrary, in contrast with it by breaking out into urban themes. The public will discover a giant mushroom and a thunderbolt tree in bronze, as well as telephone booths diverted from their function, a subway entrance and a flying saucer… The organising committee of the biennial would like the event to have an institutional and public dimension, different from the premises that led to its emergence. Thus, works will come from public collections (mamco, fmac and others) as well as from private sources, and several projects will be mandated and produced specifically for the event. Hopefully, some of the sculptures will find their place in the City’s public art program or become part of a new artistic project organised by the FMAC. Additionally, art performances will animate the event during its whole period, offering forms of art that are more ephemeral than monumental sculpture. A mediation program will also be offered for those who seek to strengthen their knowledge of artworks encountered on the parcours.

Organising committee: Lionel Bovier, director of MAMCO; Thomas Hug, director of artgenève; Michèle Freiburghaus Lens, cultural advisor, in charge of FMAC

In collaboration with : Manuella Denogent, scientific collaborator in charge of the collection of FCAC (Roman Signer project) ; Michael Goodchild; Marie-Eve Knoerle, scientific collaborator for public Art, FMAC