Ahmet Ögüt, Sign Spinners / 2015

Every year, internationally renowned artists are invited to present an artwork especially conceived for the salon. Past editions have already received several performances, sculptures or concerts. Tino Sehgal, who was part of the Documenta 13, Pawel Althamer, whose works were exhibited in the New Museum in New York, or Henrik Hakansson are three major artists, who have taken part to artgenève, as well as others.

In 2015, the foundation’s guest is Ahmet Ögüt, the last resident of the Turkish pavilion during the Venice Biennale. For artgenève, the conceptual artist has addressed a common practice in the United States. Sign spinners are people hired by important companies for advertising purposes. A roadside and a sign to spin, it is both simple and striking.

Ahmet Ögüt's project consisted in hiring three performers to work in shifts. Spinning monitors were displaying his film Sign Spinners. As part of the project, performers, curator and artist have been paid 50€ per hour, that is as much as the art fair’s director. Additionally, the three performers had equal access to the director's amenities (including lunch, VIP area access, car service, etc.) during the art fair. Every day, the director's expenses has been counted and added to the performers’ per diem. The project tends to expose and revaluate the hierarchies of pay and repute within cultural production.