Anri Sala, A Longer Sorrow (...) / 2015

Sounds and noises are central many visual artists' practices. Wishing to represent them, artgenève created a musical event uniting musicians and visual artists interested in music. The musician and curator Augustin Maurs alongside with the art historian Catherine Othenin-Girard have invited artists to create artworks linked to the thematic of Centres and Peripheries. Seen as a dialogue between music and visual art, artgenève/musique takes place in the Villa Sarasin, whose acoustics is particularly well adapted to such a project.

A musical installation by the French artist Anri Sala, who exhibited in the French pavilion during the last Venice Biennale was on view at artgenève 2015 within the artgenève/musique programme. This artwork is based on his film Long Sorrow (2005), which was already shown in 2011 at the Serpentine Gallery. This new musical performance A Longer Sorrow Where the Moon Notes Equal the Beach Bridges, made for soundtrack, saxophone and trombone with a film display in the background, has been staged for the first time during artgenève. This work combines musical patterns of the film and past performances.