The full programme of special exhibitions at artgenève 2024 will be announced very soon.

Non-commercial exhibitions that present institutional and private collections

Funded by the Fondation pour les Arts Visuels [Foundation for Visual Arts]


Each edition of artgenève offers visitors a unique experience through its programme of exclusively non-commercial exhibits.

These exhibits have been selected with meticulous care to highlight works from institutional and private collections. Guided by the warmth and enthusiasm of the exhibition organisers, visitors can explore notable, often unpublished works that bear testament to the diversity and richness of the modern and contemporary artistic landscape. This initiative demonstrates artgenève’s commitment to providing an enriching cultural platform that goes beyond the commercial aspects of art.

artgenève/sur-mesure will offer a selection of unique works and large-format installations presented by galleries and selected by exhibition curator Nicolas Trembley. The chosen works will be revealed in due course.

artgenève 2023, artgenève/estates, Barry Flanagan

artgenève 2016, Private Collection. © Annik Wetter

artgenève 2017, © Adel Abdessemed, Annik Wetter

artgenève 2018, ©Mark Leckey Felix

artgenève 2019, The Estate Show. © Julien Gremaud

artgenève 2020, Royal Academy of Arts © Julien Gremaud

artgenève 2022, © Julien Gremaud

The Living Room

Meret Oppenheim Eulen und Meerkatzen, Teufel, Engel, Katzen, Fledermäuse, Teufels Grossmütter, japananische Gespengster, andere Gespengster und kleine Götter

Chaque année, artgenève invite les galeries exposantes à proposer des oeuvres à la vente autour d’un thème commun pour sa section The Living Room.


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Jeff Koons, Bluebird Planter, 2023

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