The programme has been made possible thanks to the valuable support of  Piguet Galland & Cie bank

artgenève/music is a unique artgenève platform dedicated to audio, performative and pop-up artworks. Since 2012, over 40 new creations have seen the light of day as part of various projects developed in Geneva and around the world.

This initiative highlights the power of creative expression through sound and performance, helping to enrich the artistic, immersive artgenève experience.

Piguet Galland & vous has supported artgenève/music, artgenève’s platform for sound, performance and pop-up artworks since 2014. Over 40 new works and projects have been undertaken in Geneva and elsewhere.

Each year, Piguet Galland Geneva organises an event on its premises as part of the artgenève show. This lets visitors discover a selection of works from the art collection of the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise in the company’s client-facing areas and meet the artists. artgenève has succeeded in establishing a premium modern and contemporary art exhibition in the Lake Geneva region that draws in visitors from all over the world.

Piguet Galland, private bank and creator of serenity.



Florian Hecker
Robin Watkins and Otto Canell Watkins
Curated by Augustin Maurs
Co-curator: Catherine Othenin-Girard

The music chamber presents two installations

For the 2024 edition, THE MUSIC CHAMBER presents two installations which, each in their own way, consider modes of perception and transmission across visual and auditory categories. One project explores what codes and algorithms ‘hear’, while the other tunes in to the chatter of society from an age-fluid perspective.

With TEMPLEXTURES D (2022), the artist Florian Hecker draws upon current research in machine listening to stage the deployment of virtual listening agents in order to make audible their “intelligence signature, the signal trace of their nonhuman brain-ear”*. Consisting of a vast dictionary of sonic material produced with a novel algorithm for texture synthesis, the single- channel, computer-generated sound piece is set against a backdrop of functional acoustic wall panels, and diffused through an industrial column array-loudspeaker system, which segments the signal into two differently directed acoustic beams. A sequencing logic transforms this database of auditory similarities and perpetual differences into the audible stream of an individual séance, commencing at every full hour.

FIELD NOTES FROM THE EUROZONE (2023) is an installation based on the book Eusociality in the EU, a collaboration between Otto Canell Watkins (10) and Robin Watkins (42). It is a book about ants and their habitats, or perhaps more so about humans and their habits, which lends an age-fluid voice to various contents of the European continent. As the world transformed during the eight years it took to complete, subjects grew and angles changed, and the book took on a form as disorderly as life itself. Part allegory, part nonsense, and using play as an essential driver, this fable-esque jumble attempts to reflect on community beyond society – with a little help from a lot of sugar. For this occasion, the book becomes a score for a free-form audioguide using voice, improvisation and found sounds, leading the visitors through the field notes and artefacts that are on display.

*Hecker, Mackay, „Synthetic Listening“, in Spectres III / Ghosts in Machine, Shelter Press, 2021.

artgenève/musique is artgenève’s platform for sound, performance, and ephemeral works.
Since 2012, more than 40 new pieces have been presented in the framework of different projects in and outside Geneva. THE MUSIC CHAMBER is artgenève/musique on-site exhibition space during the fair.



Musique Elisa Storelli Atomistic, 2017 Kunstraum Walcheturm © Lorenzo Pusterla

Elisa Storelli, Atomistic, 2017 Kunstraum Walcheturm © Lorenzo Pusterla

2023 edition


In collaboration with the Musée d’art moderne et contemporain (MAMCO), Geneva.

The Music Chamber is a curated space that brings together artworks and audio or music-related performances within artgenève. For this year’s edition, the Music Chamber presents the work of Saâdane Afif and Elisa Storelli, MAMCO collection artists and artists represented by two of the exhibition’s guest projects – the Biennale Son Valais and Joyfully Waiting. In this sound-led exhibition, pieces are positioned around a ‘ceremony of chords’ designed in collaboration with the Ensemble Contrechamps and Visual Arts students studying for their BA at ECAL. This game of call and response between the artworks and the live, recorded, electronic or analogue sounds transforms the exhibition into a polyphonic quest that plays out at different times throughout the day.


Saâdane Afif
Frédéric Bruly Bouabré
Natalie Czech
Jeremy Deller
Latifa Echakhch
Jenny Holzer
Information fiction publicité (IFP)
Richard Kongrosian
Natalie Rebholz
Hannah Weinberger
Denis Savary
Elisa Storelli
The Tuning Ceremony
Hannah Weinberger
Aline Zeltner

Guest institutions and projects:

Biennale Son Valais
Ensemble Contrechamps
Joyfully Waiting
ECAL Bchelor in Visual Arts

The Music Chamber, curated by Augustin Maurs et Catherine Othenin-Girard / artgenève 2022 © Julien Gremaud

The Music Chamber, curated by Augustin Maurs, Catherine Othenin-Girard © Julien Gremaud

2022 edition



The Music Chamber is a reference to both the intimacy of the bedroom and the thrust and parry of parliamentary debate – but also to the idea of chamber music, a music genre based on the pared-back use of instruments and voices that often pushed the boundaries of its own classification.

In this first edition, the status of the works presented is often ambivalent, between sound installation, performance or silent objects linked to sound.

The visual element and audio movements interact – the quiet, persistent sounds of a hand drawing are broadcast by enormous, custom-built speakers (Dirk Bell / Isabel Lewis); the crash of broken plates is transformed into audio signals in a form of ‘instant archaeology’ (Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld); ‘lightning concerts’ transcend our visual and auditory perception (Karin Sander); staging designed by Stéphane Kropf / No Salad Records adheres both to the traditions of the world of entertainment and those of art history (Gina Proenza and Sunna Margrét); and a faux fur piano emits sporadic electronic clusters of sounds (Stefan Tcherepnin).


Dirk Bell / Isabel Lewis (School Of Swans)
No Salad Records invite Sunna Margrét and Gina Proenza
Karin Sander
Sarah Schönfeld
Stefan Tcherepnin

artgenève/musique ENCORES, curated by Augustin Maurs, Victoria Hall Genève / artgenève 2020 © Nicolas Schopfer

Encores, curated by Augustin Maurs, Victoria Hall Genève © Nicolas Schopfer

2020 edition


‘ENCORES’ AT VICTORIA HALL In collaboration with the Musée d’art moderne et contemporain (MAMCO), Geneva.

For artgenève 2020, artgenève/music staged ‘Encores, Music on recurrence, redundancy and surplus’ in Geneva’s Victoria Hall on the night of Friday 31 January. The performance featured works by Pierre Huyghe, Anri Sala, Saâdane Afif, Raymond Pettibon / Oiver Augst, Sam Durant and Kristin Oppenheim among others.


Saâdane Afif
Sam Durant
Ecart / Émilie Parendeau
Jean-Pascal Flavien
Pierre Huyghe
Kristin Oppenheim
Raymond Pettibon/Oliver Augst
Anri Sala


Sodi Braide,
Magnús Hallur Jónsson
Benjamin Righetti
Katharina Heiligtag
Annerose Hummel
Amina Winckler
Claire Dassesse
and more

Musique Elisa Storelli Atomistic, 2017 Kunstraum Walcheturm © Lorenzo Pusterla

Elisa Storelli, Atomistic, 2017 Kunstraum Walcheturm © Lorenzo Pusterla


Stand A30

25 – 29.01.2023
(en continu)

Caroline Bischoff, Emma Blanc-Germser, Anna Cocimarov, Tom Grbic, Marsaili Venus, Haas, Axel Mattart, Achille Meier, Romain Rochat, Julie Julot Wuhrmann (ECAL Bachelor in Visual Arts).

Musique Elisa Storelli Atomistic, 2017 Kunstraum Walcheturm © Lorenzo Pusterla

Elisa Storelli, Atomistic, 2017 Kunstraum Walcheturm © Lorenzo Pusterla

Charles Pierron

Stand A30

26.01.2023, 15h00

Exploration des registres (French horn, alphorn), Charles Pierron, Ensemble Contrechamps.

artgenève/musique © Baptiste Janin

artgenève/musique © Baptiste Janin

Présentation et entretien avec Saâdane Afif

Stand A30

26.01.2023, 15h30

Introduction par Augustin Maurs, suivie par Catherine Othenin-Girard.

Annonce Biennale Son Valais par Jean-Paul Felley.
Entretien avec Saâdane Afif et Matthias Sohr.
Sortie du disque Saâdane Afif présente Dwarf Lift Dwarf.
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