UBS is proud to partner with artgenève for the 2024 edition. This exhibition speaks to both head and heart, and we hope you’ll come away inspired.


Over the past 12 years, the exhibition has established itself in Geneva and raised the city’s profile both within Switzerland and beyond. artgenève now ranks among the major international contemporary art events. UBS has supported the show since its inaugural edition in 2011 and shares both its vision and the guiding principles it has followed since its creation – to retain the human dimension by keeping the exhibition small and to welcome non-commercial Swiss and international institutions, special projects and proposals from local actors in the artistic and cultural sector.



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Fine watchmaking F.P.Journe and art:

A passion for watchmaking is what makes the world of F.P.Journe tick – and the same can be said for the world of art. An artwork is the vision of a creator that perpetuates the legacy of previous generations, goes beyond what exists, and resists the passage of time.

At F.P.Journe, this dimension is represented by values symbolising production – authenticity, rarity and talent, the first letters of which make up the word ‘A.R.T.’,

an acronym that articulates the importance of its relation to art and the partnership with artgenève.


Gubelin Jewellery has once again partnered with artgenève, a well-established institution on the Swiss art scene.

This international show will feature a broad spectrum of modern and contemporary artworks. The intimate ambiance provides the perfect setting for exhibitors and art aficionados to meet. Art and culture are part of our DNA. As a family-run business, we want to actively promote and support creativity.

artgenève provides a captivating space for exchanging ideas and finding inspiration and seamlessly aligns with our philosophy of ‘Deeply inspired’.

First awarded in 1996, the Prix Mobilière is the oldest prize for promoting art awarded by a Swiss private insurance company. This distinction, awarded each year to a young artist (under 35), is a mark of recognition of artistic quality and is accompanied by a sum of 30,000 francs, a considerable amount for the rising stars in the world of art. The Prix Mobilière singles out artists whose work takes inspiration from the issues facing our society and therefore acts as a reference point for understanding our era.

The artists nominated for the Prix Mobilière 2024 successfully illustrate the contemporary reality of the Swiss artistic landscape. What’s more, for the first time, the list of nominees is entirely made up of female artists. The candidates challenge the major themes of our time through different forms of expression. This year, the nomination committee has chosen pivotal individuals who occupy an important place in the Swiss artistic scene.


As an independent, family-run company, we have been putting our expertise at the service of art for 3 generations.

We offer a first-rate service, transporting, storing and packaging artworks for delivery within Switzerland and all over the globe. Our boxes are made-to-measure in our on-site joinery workshop. Our vehicles are specially designed to keep the artworks safe, as are our local storage facilities.

Thanks to the combined expertise of our team of logistics specialists, technicians and warehouse staff, we support all artwork projects. A founding member of ICEFAT, we have over 65 years of experience in fulfilling our clients’ every requirement.


Depuis 3 générations notre société familiale entièrement indépendante met son savoir-faire au service de l’art. Nous transportons, entreposons et emballons les œuvres dans les meilleures conditions en Suisse et partout dans le monde. Nos caisses sont faites sur mesure, directement dans notre menuiserie. Nos véhicules sont conçus spécialement pour la sécurité des œuvres d’art, tout comme nos locaux d’entreposage.

Grâce aux expertises combinées de nos équipes de logisticiens, techniciens et magasiniers, nous accompagnons tous les projets œuvres d’art. Membre fondateur d’ICEFAT, nous mettons à la disposition de nos clients plus de 65 ans d’expérience pour offrir entière satisfaction.


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